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These are top quality blades and I’m proud to use my Orion MK2 and talk about it

“I had an excellent experience with Artemis knife works. From the material selection and design process to the final product in my hand. These are top quality blades and I’m proud to use my Orion MK2 and talk about it. Mike is passionate about knife making and it shows in his work. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a lifetime blade to check out what Artemis knife works have to offer!”

Michael Martin October 3, 2018

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I couldn’t be happier with it

-“It has been about a year since Mike gave me my knife, and I couldn’t be happier with it. I was somewhat reluctant to purchase one from him at first – I had just bought a KaBar for hunting – but the knives he showed me looked awesome. He said he would give me a great deal on one and what a deal it was! He asked me what I was looking for in a knife and, as he built it, asked me how I would like certain aspects to turn out. What size of blade did I want? How did I want the handle to look and feel? What colour was I interested in? Seemingly run-of-the-mill questions for making a knife, but what he delivered was anything but. The knife came together so nicely and with such great proportions that I found myself admiring it on random nights. It fits in my hand perfectly both in size and balance; an extension of my hand. And what a blade! In one season this knife has already seen countless geese, ducks, and pheasant, as well as several deer – all with the original edge from Mike. At the end of the season, after having skinned and quartered a couple deer I found myself wanting to push the knife into territory I would normally call “knife abuse”. I plunged the knife into a joint I would normally saw off to spare the blade, then proceeded to use it like a crowbar. By the time my father found his bone saw I had popped the joint free and continued on skinning; the edge still looking and feeling like the day I had received it and a grin on my face. I can’t wait for deer season to start again and put this knife to good use and am grateful I let Mike make me a real knife. By the way, if anyone is interested in a KaBar, I have one. Still with the original edge and unused…”

Dan Edwards October 6, 2018

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Michel, your knowledge and dedication to the art of knife making is exemplary

“For the last few months we have been working with Canadian knife maker Michel Cadieux to develop a guide knife suitable for ISKGA guides to use as a functional tool capable of reducing wood for camp use (fire lighting, shelter building etc), for filleting and skinning game and for kitchen chores, we feel we have arrived at a winner. The ‘Arcadian’ designed and hand crafted by Michel of Artemis Knife Works in Canada will be an exclusive knife for ISKGA guides to use as a trusted companion in the wilderness.”

“It’s little jobs like these that are the cherries in the cake of what I do. I’ve just had the pleasure of spending the last eight days out in Prince William Sound, on expedition with Michel Cadieux field testing this handmade knife, designed and crafted at Artemis Knife Works in Canada, it certainly did all that I could ask of it and Michel’s workmanship, was exactly what we required.”

“…that’s why we chose you to develop the guide knife for ISKGA Michel, your knowledge and dedication to the art of knife making is exemplary”



Jeff Allen, Expedition Paddler November 14, 2018

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I was blown away with the handling, shape, balance

“Well I knew we were on to a quality knife when I tested three styles for ISKGA, I was blown away with the handling, shape, balance and edge retention and it goes without saying a very good looking knife too”



Lee-John Waters, Technical Advisor- ISKGA November 14, 2018